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Anyway, here I have solid proof that the Boss ME-50B just... does not die.

The other day, I ran over my ME-50B with a Mitsubishi Magna (~2 tonne station wagon), after a late night and not paying attention what I was unpacking and packing into the car after a gig.

Needless to say, there was just a big THUD when I ran over it.

This: http://img352.imageshack.us/img352/9499/picture025bl6.jpg

is the result of the running over.

The pedal still works absolutely fine, no problems with it at all, and to be quite honest, I'm ****ing amazed lol.

My mission now is to get replacement knobs, hopefully the music shop or Boss will show some love.

But for anyone with doubts about the durability of Boss equipment, this should surely quash them. And no, do not go and run over your pedal just because I did :P .
that's pretty arwsome! my jazz bass' headstock ate a cieling fan once and evrything was fine except a small brown mark wich rubed off after a while.

how do you like the ME50B? i keep going back and forth between wanting one and changeing my mind. what do you use it for mainly? what is your fav feature?
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Good old Boss! Lash it up with some Duck tape - rock'n'roll-over-it-with-a-big-car battle scars are always cool. Face it - when you get famous, Boss might do a vintage reissue for you, relic'd and all. Lol.
It does prove the value of buying good gear tho'.
Wow, well done Boss...That's impressive. How did you leave it there though?
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
What do you expect, its not plastic!

in all fairness, its bent out the side a bit.
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Heh, I keep my pedal and all my powerboards / leads in a bag, and I left it leaning against the car wheel, that's how it got ran over.

I should probably note the pedal also managed to keep every lead and powerboard safe lol.

As for my favourite effect, probably the Chorus effect, and to counter the loss of bass when you add a chorus effect you can just use to Bass Boost effect on channel 1.

And I was intentionally trying to show the bent side (not too bad for 2 tonnes of crushing though eh? :P).