it's usually not my type to ask these noob-ish questions, but i guess this time i will :P

so i have a marshall valvestate 100 head and a marshall jcm900 1960a 4x12 cab. I want to get a new head, but i have no idea which.

to give you an idea of what i want, if i could great my dream rig, it would have the clean definition of a classic fender amp (deville/blues jr, etc...) and the distortion would be mesa / vintage marshall like.

I play modern rock. biggest influences are chili peppers, brand new, nirvana, incubus.

i'd really like to pay less than 1000$ for it. is that possible? :P

here's my current halfstack:

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Try an all tube Marshall perhaps?

Use eBay too. Much cheaper and used isn't bad
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You should get a peavey xxl.

Lucky for you I have one for sale, for pretty cheap.
Look very seriously at a Traynor YCS100H. Sounds great and amazingly well featured for a sub-$1000 head.
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