Since I started bass a few months ago I've really been mainly focusing on learning and playing, instead of the technical side. It's now that I'm playing all the Jamiroquai stuff that I've become a bit more interested in the highs/lows/middles etc, and how they can affect sound.

I pretty much know now when I need a bit more bass, or a bit more treble (not middle though, I dont have a clue what to do with it!).
However, I'm really confused about the actual inputs on my amp (Orange Crush 35B). It has both high and low, and I'm wondering..is there one that is actually more worth using than the other? Or is just down to personal preference as much seems to be? Do I need to adjust my EQs in order to suit which input I select?

It would be really great if someone could explain the in and outs, advantages and disadvantages of each!
Thanks, Ben
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Secondly, the high and low inputs are there in response to the advent of the active bass, which is a high output bass. If you have an active bass (if it has batteries), then use the low input- this cuts the loudness by around 15dB usually. This keeps it in line with a passive signal when it goes into the amp. If your bass is passive, use the high input.
by loudness, do you mean like, distortion, or something different? I remember seeing a hi-fi that had a loudness button,and it made the sound kind of punchier, i think, it was ages ago like. is it a similar thing your talking abut?
From playing around with my 20w amp ( )

ive noticed that having the mids + high waay up you get a pretty cool punk/ska type thing going on, you can get a whole load of different sounds just fiddling with different levels

Go experiment