i think this is the right forum now, correct me if im wrong
my band is play this song at a battle of the bands on friday. the mp3 on my page is just an intro to it. the rest of the song is the usual guitar bass and drums, with acasional keyboards. any opinions or praise is apreciated.
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p.s. if uve read this before, plz excuse my repition. im just lookin for new ideas and sugesstions!

No, seriously, it needs a song to be the epic intro to, and the song must also be epic.

Here are some suggestions though. The drums (although they sounded really good), I think more could've been added, like a really complex drum beat that keeps the pace and momentum at a lumbering, but powerful, pace. Also, perhaps you could harmonize the small leads, cause I think that might add to the really dynamic sound of it all
The Pit. The Movie.

Yes it is, it's on his UG user profile
The Pit. The Movie.