It's either this. RGT6EX



Here's the problem

I like the MTM2 as it's got the stealth fretboard (no stupid inlays)
I like the reverse headstock and I like the microtuning of the fixed (looks like a tremelo) bridge. However it's got a bolt on neck. I'd like a neck through as my Fender Jim Root is a bolt on.

I like the RGT6EX primarily because it's a neck through. I played one at GC. Neck and joint feels so smoothe. Sustain is unreal. The fretboard markers I can do without and I wish it had a reverse headstock.

I don't want to hear mention of the other Mick Thomson model. I don't like red and I don't want SEVEN on my fretboard. I'm not #7, he is.

Interested in any opinions. BTW, I'm not hung up on buying slipknot guitars. I wanted a fender with 2 humbuckers. I like the MTM2 as it looks sick. YOu can't deny that.

Well, it depends. I'd go for the RGT6EX , just because it's sound/feel/playability > looks.

Personally, I'm not a great fan of Ibanez, they seem to be unable to really impress me... ESP maybe? Jackson? Kramer?

EDIT: ****ed up badly, fix'd.
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as far as i know the sig comes with it tuned to drop B, so the strings will be quite thick unless you wanna play that tuning, i haven't experianced a thru neck so i can't coment on that but i can comment on how much better i think the sig looks! them inlays are gay if you ask me and the reverse head stock if bitchin!

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The MTM2 is awesome IMHO. I've played both the original and this lower priced model and couldn't complain about either. The Ibanez AANJ isn't quite as comfortable as a neck-thru, but IMHO, it gets the job done quite well

I'd probably add EMGs, but other than that, its clean and functional, go for it
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Factory tuned to Mick's preference of C# tuning, with a dropped B: B, F#, B, E, G#, C# (low to high).

Ok, I'm going to order the MTM2 and when it arrives, I'm going to check to see if it really is "FACTORY TUNED"

If not, I'm ****ing send it back

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Well, it depends. I'd go for the RGT6EX , just because it's sound/feel/playability > looks.

QFTMFT. After all, you are going to making sound with it, might as well be the sound you want. I think it would be rediculous to take step back from that because of something as lame as vanity.
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Ithink that the MTM2 is best but thats just my oppinion, im gonna save up and get it,
but whats all this about if you try and change the tunning to standard the neck spaps off?
i cant see it happening..
I'd go with the RG, but that's because I don't like reverse headstocks, but it does have better sustain.