I bought the dunlop cleaning kit... (frets, body, strings) and I was wondering how I should clean my pickup...
I have a schecter c1 classic and the pickup is gold, and its looking dirty / not shiny...

any suggestions?
hi there, be very careful in cleaning the gold pickups, they tarnish very easily, a slightly moist cloth gently wiped over will do the trick, if you use any cleaning fluids you run the risk of removing the gold coloured coating to reveal the underlayer .. always wipe down the strings and pups after every use, once they are tarnished, its usually the plating wearing off..

Try a microfibre cloth with a small amount of water or wd40..
heres an answer from a pro after a quick google search....

The bad news is that the gold plating on most guitar hardware is very thin, and is very prone to wearing off or permanently tarnishing after enough time and playing.

Any abrasive type of metal polish may only wear more of the plating off, since gold is a very soft metal. Furthermore, you don't want to get any liquid or powder-type polish down into the pickup's electronics.

To clean moderate dirt build-up, I use a slightly dampened clean, soft, cotton cloth. A piece of an old T-shirt folded over into a pad works pretty well.

Wiping the hardware, especially the tuner buttons, with a dry piece of the same kind of material after you finish playing will greatly prevent or reduce tarnish and wear. Doing this removes the oils from your skin that can build up and promote tarnish. For the same reason, your strings will also last longer if you wipe them after playing. Keeping the guitar in a case or bag when not in use may also help avoid premature oxidation.

If you feel you must polish the covers to remove heavy buildup or dulled finish, remove the covers and gently polish them with a mild jewelry-type polish. Test the polish on a small, less-conspicuous area before attempting to do the entire cover.