I'm doing a paper on this and need to know what type of cancer this is, either a carcinoma,sarcoma, leukemia, or lymphoma. i checked wikipedia and the american cancer society site and couldn't find anything so i will ask the pit. help is greatly appreciated
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i checked wikipedia

sorry mate though can't help there i'm doin a similar thing in the same situation lol
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I think he's saying that there is a pile of info on wiki and you said you didn't find anything so it seems like you tried but didn't spell it right or something. There's a lot of info for you on there.

EDIT: But I'm assuming like myself didn't read that you needed to find if it was carcinoma, etc. hahahha. Not looking just to see if it's malignant or not then huh?
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Check the last post (I edited it), they have a type of sarcoma that falls under that category.