Hey all. I was about to take my Epi SG in for some work because the knobs and the input are crapping out. I had a thought about changing the pickups, and I was just wondering what kind do you think would sound good in it? I play metal mostly, but I really don't want to have to rout the guitar for active EMG's. I'm also playing through a very ****ty amp, which will soon be replaced. I could wait and just get my input jack worked on, but I'm not sure what I should do now at this point. Any suggestions?
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I would wait until you replace the amp first. Then see how you like the stock pick ups.If you still don't like them then by all means swap them out. If you change the pickups and keep the same amp you will not see any great improvement in your sound.
The Amp is a very critical piece to your overall sound and tone more so than the pick ups.
Changing your other electronics is not a big expense so go nuts on that if you like.
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Just wait for your new amp.
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agree with wait for the amp, but in my own opinion if you do change them. DiMarzio tone zone at bridge and Duncan 59' at neck. Astronomical amounts of tone and gain for metal, and the 59 at the neck will provide smooth but strong sound and tone for anything from metal to blues to jazz...
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the amp will do a big difference for you.....BUT, even on my good amp my epiphone sounds like junk compared to other guitars....so....DO BOTH! lol
I'd just wait for the new amp and see how things work out with that
Deffo wait for new amp

and if you're still not satisfied after that, see if you can get your hands on some bareknuckle nailbombs