OK, so i was planning on getting my guitar on saturday, but the store didn't have it in (its a std mim fender telecaster in case your interested). but the store didnt have it in and said they wouldnt for a while, but i can order it online. Just curious, as i'd prefer to check this out first; will the guitar come fully setup with strings on & ready to play if i order online? the place i am getting it from is: http://www.reidys.com/
depends. I bought both of my deans online after testing them extensively in store. The vendetta came already set up (albeit a little out of tune) but the razor back had a little bit of a buzz. I spend about half an hour fiddling about with the neck truss and bridge and got it where I wanted it. I'd say yes, go for the online purchase, but it is up to you since you're the one who will play it.
Yes, feel sorry for me, everything is soo expensive here!
Ahh well at least Marshall and Laney are made here