Not too sure where this should go, but if I was to *ahem* illegally download Guitar Rig 3, would I be able to plug my guitar in with a normal 3.5mm Mini Jack to 6.3mm (1/4") Jack adaptor or do i HAVE to have the Guitar Rig Pedal for it to work?

Thanks in advance!

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i dont know about guitar rig 3, but guitar rig 2 is usable without the rig kontrol thing. your guitar straight into your line in input will sounds like garbage though you need either a decent sound card or an external usb interface or something. look at the m-audio fasttrack usb to get an idea. its very basic and guitar rig 2 i know for a fact will recognize it.
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Like GR1 and GR2 you dont need the pedal.

But what you need is a recording interface. Because running into your soundcard (Which more that likely cant handle) will give you a crap sound.