When someone calls you an ass hat, what do you imagine in your mind?

A. an ass-shaped hat

B. a hat worn on an ass

C. Oh god, I dont know! ::sticks head up ass::
I don't get called an asshat.

In before:

I don't get called an asshat.

D. When someone says asshat, I imagine the TS.

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This man deserves my +1


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what the hell kind of crap insult is asshat? Nobody says that, you plonker.
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Theres rats running around outside my window, one of them has an apple, he looks very happy about this.

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Oh ****

Aaaah well. It gives me an excuse to rape.

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If your going to include the word "poll" in your Thread Title...please include a poll...not some written crap
last time I checked....

I can do whatever the hell I want

and yes I have an ass obssession

who the hell says "plonker"? Those people across the ocean w/ messed up teeth and who are alcoholic at age 12? Oh yeah sorry
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Yep, this is about as close to what i see in my minds eye as i will allow.