Hey again everyone! Just here to strap all of your heads into my Indoctrinator device and force you to listen to my latest song entitled "Halcyon." In stark contrast to the last song I promoted here (which, in case you missed it can be found here ), this song is extremely uplifting, yet still ridiculously progressive. Give it a listen and throw me your comments.


And don't forget to give me a link if you want me to crit something! C4C!
I liked it. But it just seemed to lack that wow factor. With vocals I'm sure that would solve that problem, but it doesn't seem spontaneous enough or to far outside the box to get away with being purely instrumental, you owe it to your song to add a solo or vocals.

I did really like the guitar in the last minute or so of the song, it sounded really neat.

Please critique the song on my profile called "Winter Pt. 3 [February]" keep in mind the song isn't finished

Edit: I apologize if I did offend you. It wasn't my intention.
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Woah, easy there tiger. I guess all he meant was that it didn't really do it for him.

Anyway, I really liked it. There were quite a few jumps in time signature/feel, but it still flowed really well. You have a really good grasp of structure and arrangement. I think all the changes were more than enough to keep me interested and actively listening throughout.

Your guitar harmonies are startlingly original to me, unlike the standard lets just play the same thing in 3rds.

The led zep 4 on the hihat bit was really cool and well orchestrated as to when the burts of notes came out.

Also, that swirling synthed guitar really did it for me, and when the bass was dropped in on its own with just the kick I thought it was a really good change-up.

I wouldn't change a thing, dude.

Feel like critting mine?
Thanks for the crit on my bands material. I absolutely love your music. The mix sounds great. I wish I could get the same quality recordings but I'm not so good at mixing and all that. You have a lot of style to your playing, and you're really talented. Your compositions are genius. I really give you any negative feedback at all haha.

But damn...I love your music. Hahah.
I do love a bit of prog. Mixing and recording is very very good, the thing that would really make it stand out a bit more is if in some parts with time signature changes, each change had a heavier hit or accented a bit more.
Either way, brilliant stuff, keep writing, hope to see some vocals sometime.

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Spay, you're fine dude, seriously, I overreacted. My bad.

Thanks for all the positive feedback, 661syn, I guess you're my first fan hahaha. Thanks so much man.

Asthia, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you talking about making the first beat of each change louder, or something else? BTW I really appreciate the suggestions. And yes, I will be critiquing everyone's stuff probably later today when I get out of class.