Since people are complaining about a new guitar hero thread every week here's a guitar hero thread to end all other guitar hero threads.
definately beat it on expert...but only once and have never wanted to try it again
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I have friends, i dont need Guitar hero..

I was waiting for that one :P:
TBH, I finished the 2nd one on Medium - Hard and expert just ain't fun to me, really. I'd buy them just for silly fun, but tbh I don't have a console or a TV, and I really cba'd to spend that much for a party piece. At least they released the 3rd one for PC, so I might well take advantage. Its' just silly fun, unless you really wanna make it a serious game. ANd it does have a decent sense of humour as well, but I'm hardly going to belive I can get a record contract for mastering a 4-buttoned piece of plastic, thank you kindly.
Good games are good fun, and thats' what it is - a good game.
Edit: jesus christ on a polar ice-cap themed stag night, that was a long rant. Sorry all
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Rock Band is pretty sweet too, but if you're more into just the guitar, then guitar hero.
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I agree guitar hero is just a game to kill time and one that kind of requires no thought, the only reason why you see 4 or 5 stars on songs on expert or hard mode in my game is either because they're really easy or I like the song and played it a bunch of times and the only reason why dragonforce is completed on my game is cuz I used the no fail cheat mainly because there's no way in hell im passing the song or wasting time passing it the honest way
Rock Band>Guitar Hero

But don't worry, I still like Guitar Hero. Don't flame me...
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I'm waiting for them to put out a 'Guitar Hero - greatest Hits' - dragon force as the final song with freebird as the encore... Actually, for you expert players, thats a scary thought, so I'll shut it
The rig:
Gibson SG faded special -> Marshall MG 50/100 (working on a valve amp)
Backup: Vintage AV1
Newcastle United