ok still on my amp quest and have up to £300 but the lower than that the better
i play a squier strat and play maney classic rock/punk
anything from led zep to the clash
need help!

i tried it out i think and it wasnt that great
from what ive tried fender has crappy distortion but great reverb but that's not exactly for me although i like reverb i still like some heavy gain so dont get it
Vox is pretty good and other people said that they're good for classic rock kinda stuff
check em' out
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Laney VC30 is the answer to your problems! get like a, they have different versions (how many speakers and size) Im sure you could find a Laney VC30 112 in your price range, GET IT GET IT GET IT!
I tried the frontman 25r and it was possibly the worst sounding amp i had ever played through. Worse than my watson.
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i doubt youll get a vc30 for 180 quid, they do a cheaper tube amp tho i think LC 15 its called, meant to be good and is in that kinda price range
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If it is grey cloth frt and actually says frontman on it Stay Away!!!!!!!
The newer ones are all black cloth frt and only says fm212r on the front the speaker has a green sticker on the back... those ones are good
Still not as good as a tube amp but they do sound nice.
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you can get a laney vc30 for £300 on gak. i'd consider that.

if you can't stretch to that, you could maybe pick up a peavey valveking for £280 or so. but i think the laney is better aimed at the tones you want.

a grainger blues twin (in sound control) might be worth a try too. again, £300.
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