sweet water is better. i didnt check but i could almost guarentee sweetwater will have it.
id say thats pretty insanely nice tbh
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If you finished rounding the corners off it'd look better. but nice buy dude! i've not played one of them but that's got great specs and excellent value for money. anyone know how that tremolo is?
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not the most beautiful guitar by any means but each to their own
not sure if they stock it but www.gearhounds.com i ordered from them and they were great.
i live in the uk btw

That guitar is so many layers of beautiful I can hardly take bear to watch.
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so music123 will give me $100 dollars off so i think ill go with that.... but there out of stock to i think...
Im thinking its a LFR, for that price, but if its a OFR, im all over it (wich i doubt)
Checked the pic, it is LFR *tear*
Anywho, anyone got any feedback on esp's lfr?
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why not, i started using the zakk wylde boomers and now every third note i hit is a pinch harmonic

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so music123 will give me $100 dollars off so i think ill go with that.... but there out of stock to i think...

music123.com and musiciansfriend.com (and guitar center and a couple of others) are owned by the same company.
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sweetwater.com is awesome. their customer support is just crushing. free shipping for most orders too.
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crap. at music123 they wont have any in stock til 03/07/08... is there any other sites that could give me a $100 discount that would have it sooner?