I have the following things I can practice:
Speed Kills 2
Intense Rock
Rock Discipline
Rusty Cooley's Shred Guitar Manifesto, which includes the Legato workout and The Licks
John Petrucci's mystic dream exercises
Berklee Modern Method for Guitar
Young Guitar Play Alexi Laiho book
Necrophagist practicing lick
Guitar Aerobics(One lick to practice a day for a whole year)
plus songs

My q is, could anybody help me make a practice schedule out of this?
Example: Like day 1: Rock Discipline-Guitar Aerobics.
day 2: Intense Rock- Guitar Aerobics.
repeat .

You dont even have to use all the stuff I listed either(like if you dont like Speed Kills 2 dont include it), but please help!
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Analyse your technique. Find something you can't do as well as you would like, and practice it until it's up to scratch. With intense, focused practice (with a metronome) you will acheive the best results. Make sure what you are playing is perfect, otherwise you are practicing mistakes.

So, when you find something wrong with your playing, use those books/videos to find excersizes that develop that technique.
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