I can usually bend a string a little bit, but when you need to bend it a lot, I have to use my other fingers to help push right? Well, the problem I have is when I do this (on the smaller strings, thus I am bending toward the ceiling), my fingers seem to jam up under the other strings. Because of this, when I release the bend, the others strings "pop" off of my fingers and ruin the sound. How do I prevent this?
get ur fingers under a little or press down bit harder? and nice pic lol(forum pic)
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Practice mate, try different ways of doing it. I find it helps if you arch your fingers more and try to use your finger tips rather than the pad of the finger.
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I usually bend with middle and ring finger an rest my index over the other strings like a bar, but just muting them. No noise. Great success.
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Try doing it slowly and gradually building up speed until you can do it in one fluid motion.