I've Bought a cheap guitar pack like 2 moths ago and now im going to sell it to a friend.

So im gona buy another guitar and amp.

i only have 200€ to spend on it so.

But i dont know much of guitars so i need your help.

the options :

#1 J&D YC-LS1

- 200€

I check reviews but got no results, but there is a review of YC-LC1 Is quite similar i think is just the hardware color that is diferent. The review says that is a god guitar.

review link

#2 Dean ML XM Natural Satin - 119€

There is a review of it and the guitar got nice rating.

dean review

Well and the amp maybe the Harley Benton HB 20 G


Total 119 + 60 = 179 well is cheaper

Or maybe the option

#3 harley benton FV430BK

review link


What guitar shloud i buy?

If u know a better option please tell me.

Well thanks for your time.
squire strat is a good bet

p.s. i spelled it wrong on purpose to piss off Nebjy
A Squier strat isn't as good as a Yamaha Pacifica
What start pack do you have at the moment? Or is it just a low-brand name one?
I have that Dean and I love it. Its okay stock but I literally JUST swapped out the pickups 15 minutes ago and its a monster now. I put in the bridge from a Washburn Dime Stealth (actually the one right in the picture), and a guitar fetish Dream 90 and it ****ing rips. Also its nice cuz you can paint it right after you get it!
Stock Pickups:

i already own a strat guitar type and i want to change to le paul or heavy guitar types like dean ML XM

So please help me chose between those options