Think i got it narrowed down. Well basically im looking to use this pedal primarily to tighten up my sound, from my DSl 401 amp, looking to tighten it up a little, kinda like messa although i know that will never happen unless i buy a rectifier, but that kinda thing. Hopefully by using the amps distortions, and an OD. But think of sabbaths into the void, and symptoms of the universe for the sound i want. This pedal also needs to be used with clean, to give that screaming blues tone, and also as a volume boost during solos with my band. But mainly for tightening up the sound
Looked into Maxons tubescreamers by any chance? They're the same company who made those original Ibby ones before ibanez took their business else where and changed the electronics of the pedal
i want a bit more beef than a TS i think, when i tried one in the shop it didnt have much kick. Thats why i was looking at the ocd

Although that maxon tubescreamer sounds pretty good, on the zzsounds sound samples. Although i duno what amp hes using
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bump? please dont let this thread die, or i will only end up posting another
you'd get a better response in the guitar gear and accessories forum.

That's where pedals are usually discussed.
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I have the OD-808 (the Maxon one) and I had the Ibanez version for a while.

It doesn't tighten your amp up at all. It's a overdrive pedal. Maybe you need a good compressor?
OCD Pedals are bad, they are always checking for the correct settings, and everything has to sound absolutely perfect and you have to turn it on and off 5-6 times in order for them to get going because there's an imbalance in their circuitry.

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Yea, try GG&A. We'll help you more.

You want more "beef" than a Tubescreamer? Short of buying a cattle ranch, that's a tall order.
Just get a modded tubescreamer, modded for extra beef, and hold the cheese.
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