So I'm looking at a Tubescreamer to give my amp a boost to push its gain up to get a sort of I Killed The Prom Queen/ As I Lay Dying tone. However, I decided to read some reviews of the Digitech Bad Monkey just out of interest, and have read a lot of good things. Is it worth buying? I'd like to avoid spending the £90 for a Tubescreamer if I can get good results from a £40 Bad Monkey. Any thoughts? I have an Ashdown Fallen Angel btw.
With the drive on max you can get some dirty blues tones, as long as you don't expect a crazyyyy overdrive from it then its the right pedal. I think that the ts9 gets dirtier personally. Try them out if you can?
I'm looking to use it to drive my amps dirty channel to give it a heavier tone, rather than use it as an overdrive for my clean channel.
I personally prefer the Digitech Death Metal or the Line 6 Uber Metal as far as distortion goes, but that's just me. The Digitechs are all $50 US and the Uber is $80 US.

Just go to a Guitar Center or Sam Ash and say I want to play your pedals (or something like that)

Also, bring your guitar when you go.
Bad Monkey is a good boost for what you're after, it'll take your amp from overdrive to more-overdriven.
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Well try the other one then.

TY for the info on exactly WHY. *sarcasm*

Why did it suck?
I have one and it works pretty damn well on my amp for a boost especially for beefing up lead tones.
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Quote by jmpullen
Well try the other one then.

TY for the info on exactly WHY. *sarcasm*

Why did it suck?

1. I'm not looking for a distortion pedal. I'm looking for an overdrive pedal to boost my amps dirty channel.

2. It sucked because it provided me with nothing but a flat, fizzy and lifeless wall of noise, rather than a nice heavy yet clear distortion.
I love my Bad Monkey, although I hear the Maxon 808 is the best on the market.
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Yeah I heard excellent things about the Maxon, but I'd like to save a bit of money to put towards other pedals. I'll try and find somewhere to try the bad monkey.