I have a problem with my epiphone les paul.
From the 16th fret onwards on the high E string on my guitar when I try and play them notes i either get the same note for each fret of just a fuzzy sound.
It seems as though the strings are catching on the frets or something but im not too sure.
Are the strings the problem? Or is it my guitar?
Help appreciated
Thanks in advance.
fret buzz. you just need to adjust the action, which is pretty simple on an LP as it has a tune-o-matic bridge. you jst need to roll the little bits on the bottom of the bridge to move it up a bit.
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I had the same problem with mine. Just raise the action a little bit.
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Probly a fret sticking up too far, you could adjust the action or find the offending fret and fix it (filing etc)
If you can't fix it yourself you could always take it for a set-up and have them check for intonation and other similar things.
raise the bridge a little, if that does not cure it the truss rod may need a little tweek... but tread with caution.
Had a similar thing with my first LP, had to get a new one (luckely with Warranty) because the neck wasn't straight as is has to be, check that too, it may be a problem recurring with epi LP's, though I'm not sure