hi there,
im training my ears by using the song method,that means,i know a song for every intervall and sing it to get the right interval name.
but i have a problem:
i dont know a song example for:
major and minor 7th
minor 6th
and the interval between perfect 4th and perfect 5th.
can someone help me??????
i don't think i'm understanding.
are you learning songs where the singer sings those notes?
or you're learning songs that help you remember the intervals?
i'm confused.
But if your looking for songs with tricky intervals, listen to some jazz
o know what you mean, but i cant remember the songs
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Major 7 = Bali Hai from South Pacific
Minor 7 = Somewhere from West Side Story ("theres a place for us" between theres and a is a m7)
minor 6 = The Entertainer (after the first couple notes of the song it bounces back and forth a m6)
tritone (aka aug 4 aka dim 5) = Maria from West Side Story

If you don't know the songs just listen to them and get a feel for the lines containing those intervals (I'd recommend singing with it).

Hope that helps.
there was a thread a while ago that listed em all, god i wish i still had that book marked
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