should this be necessary? and what material would i use? i'll try googling it.

also, guitar-buzz increasecs and decreases depending on how i'm faced to the amp, regardless of where i place my amp and what other electronics appliances are on.
it doesn't matter how far i am from the amp. its dependent on how the guitar is faced to the amp. also, the gain is up, but that produces its own buzz. but this is from the guitar.
That's curious. what kind of guitar is it? if it's a hollowbody there's going to be a lot more feedback.
turning your gain up increases feedback, not just signal distortion.

You might just have to play with your back to the amp
its a solid body. jackson dkmg. i put in new pickups and i'm quite competent in that department. so i'm pretty sure everything is connected solidly and grounded. there's no problems with feedback. and actually, if i'm facing at 90 degrees the buzzing diminishes. but if the guitar is parallel, either facing towards or away it increases