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I graduated last year
             in December;
Walked out, proud, with my diploma.

Got on the bus,
    slip and s_________lide
        my way
                 the bridge.
                               'I'm okay.'
                     'It's just a bruise.'
I'm happy
    sitting in the
    snow with you.

                    A romance
                             in the
                          of Prague.

Leave me here, I'll let you go;
saw her walk away, footsteps in
the wet wet, red red snow..
                        My winter is a ten second epic,
                        It's a change for the better.

[I]Dreary days, so overcast,
the branches are stark bare.
The falling leaves fall from
the trees, if only I could care.[/I]

                        I can't count to ten.

Roadside Funeral

Last year around this time,
A guy froze to death
Face down in a snowbank
Basking in the winter wonderland.
Those kind of memories can't melt away
Like the brownish white slurry
Of roadside slush.
It's so full of salt,
I wonder how it tasted
That final frigid meal,
Laced with cruel season


Two prefoundpostloss shells
spiral succinctly around a fire,
resting less like fraudulent binds
or ligatures entwined,
more alluding to their weeping willow postures
and post-laud remarks by-
lateral eyes.
With a backbone to behold
them upright they hold each other
yet look away...
Still delusional from
thoughts carried within psalms, like
viral whispers past -
from one mourner to another;
anechoic and anarthric.

Beckoned at last-
words with tempered tongues
divide between grinding teeth,
newly fondled arteries mark
switches in mood.
Cold toes and wake eyes
seek the breaking of binds
as they covertly converse
with psalters' palm pressed - against each other,
alighting match-book fairy-tales and ember thoughts
in remembrance of two secular
shells lying succinctly beside the blaze...
silently ecstatic,
their souls..
all souls are postlossprefound;
co-occupied in sinders -
befit to linger
like wicker whispers cast
into the pyre
to stoke the flame
for just an hour more.
blue made me smile. I love black and green was nice too but I stuck with my first impulse.
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
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