O.o what are you asking really?

Zakk's emg's are 81's and 85's
but there's more emg syles then just that,
same with black outs...
go for zacks.
ill as ****.

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i personally dont like the 85 it's a little thin sounding i prefer either a pair of 81s or a 60 in the neck because it has a really bluesy sound by itself and adds a litttle something when paired with the 81(useing bolth at the some time) 85s arent ad tho.

have you looked at the kerry king set? his comess with the afterburner wich is EMG's best kept secret that thing can slam your speakers in the most awsome way.
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If you decide to go EMG, don't get the ZW's, buy an 81 and a 60
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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