i was thinking about getting the emg 81/85 pickups in my epiphone les paul standard

was wondering if anyone could suggest diff pickups?
maybe passive ones that are as good?

i play pretty much everything i can get tabs for that i like
but im really into zakkwylde and metallica
I personally use 81/85 and they're amazing. I also am using a Rivera M60 head with a Randal cab which is extremely important. If you're not using a high gain amp with a lot of clarity I would really recommend upgrading your amp first.
I don't know a ton about those, as far as I know they aren't high gain amps and don't have a really good amp distortion though. I'd only recommend EMGs if you were using a "metal" (not to be cliche) amp.
which pickups shoudl i get then for my valveking? cuz im using the stock pickups on the les paul standard epiphone
I say just get the EMG set.. Tonally wise it will be a giant leap, even on a valveking. If you don't notice one you are tone-deaf.
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