yeah basically i have a jackson JS30 warrior (2007), pretty average beginner guitar BUT

its got the emg ZW set and sperzel locking tuners

really really bright tone

i know you're thinking i should have got a wrmg or a wrxt but i didnt really know much about floyd rose' so i thought this would be a better decision to go for the string thru model, and i've heard that string thru guitars have more sustain than the floyd rose ones

24 frets
rosewood fingerboard
maple neck (i think)
alder body in black

no chips whatsoever, i'm 99% sure with a good polish it'll look brand knew

anyway i wanna sell it and get a jackson RR

how much do you think i would get for it and would any of you guys (uk only) be willing to buy it? i'm hoping that cause of the p/ups and machineheads i can get over about £220

p.s if this is in the wrong section dont kill me, i'm new

i'm thinking about putting it on ebay
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Post it in the Gear Ads section and when you do post some pictures of it.

I reccomend eBay too if you want a sale.
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just so you know, the JS series are not Alder. They are Indian Cedro
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