What's the difference between a Gibson SG and an Epiphone SG, like quality-wise.
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personally, i think they're very similiar apart from the p/ups and where they're made, gisbons are cool, but overpriced
Generally, the Gibson will be a superior instrument. It'll be better put together, and will feel better. All in all it will be higher quality. But there are bad Gibsons and great Epis, so make sure you get a decent guitar either way.
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Gibsons have slightly better wood.

So, basically your paying about 2000 dollars for the little tiny, barely noticable step forward in tone.

Well Gibsons also have slightly better pickups, but thats still only 200 bucks.

You'd still be overpaying by about 1800 bucks USD.

Edit: That goes to the Epiphone Elitist guitars.

And those numbers are not to scale.
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