okay everyone, i just saw this in another thread and was confused...


apparently a volume pedal.., will this affect tone, like on a guitar volume pot, or just be like a volume pot on an amp?

also, how do you get that to work as a pedal, you'd have to adjust the pot with your hand right? or does that 3pbd switch somehow adjust the volume..or i suppose you could use one of those pots that you slide to gradually adjust it for volume. could make it easier to work with your foot right?

problem #2:

fret buzzs and no clear sound comes out on my 15th fret of my b string. is this a 15th fret issue, or should i file down the 16th fret some? i mean i was just befuddled on what to do.

please and thank you all!

you are amazing.
it looks like a volume pot. the 100pf capacitor is just so you dont lose treble when you roll the volume down

the 3PDT is there for true bypass.

it'd be best mounted in a rocker chassis like a wah, seems useless in a stomp box really

for the second one, try a different string gauge or raising the action slightly
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
chek all your frets& strings to see if there is unclear sound from any others. its possible that your frets may not be level but filing them is a last ditch effort b/c there is a huge possibility to completely screw them up .

a fret or two may not be level you can check this using a straight rule (taking into account the curve in the neck check out stewmac.com for instructions on how to do this)

more than likely there is a small problem with your intonation ( if other frets on any string don't sound clear) if you dont feel comfortable adjusting your intonation ( i suggest reading as much as you can from online sources like stewmac.com) then pay to have a pro get it done

if there is still a problem THEN look into more drastic measures like filing your frets.
okay, yeah i guess ill have to adjust action unfortunely., do any of you know how to make a roller type of encloser, because yeah, it is useless ina stompbox. could you use like an old like sewing machine pedal from some kind of old-****-store? and how would you attach the pot to the pedal...im so sorry, you all are amazing.
someone else said 25 k pot, should i use 250 of 25 k, and how would that be attached to a rocker-pedal. (like a sewing maching) , regular wah enclosure. know how to make one?
its a useless pedal to be honest. It only cuts volume, so i guess its good if you want that. dont mount it in a rocker pedal, you will not get enough sweep
okay, but i do not know what to attach to the actual moving part of the pedal. obviously something has to be attached to it to make the volume fall or swell.....???
the pot? do a little research man. look at a wah gut shot. ponder. realize that there is a gear turning it. i dont recommend this at all. but if you want to, go for it i guess
yeah i just realized how damn hard that would be, i know to use gears, but to be able to cut it perfectly, etc. that picture i originally posted looks more like an external killswitch to me, because you have to adjust the damn volume with your hand, thats useless.

so i might try to get my hands on one of those sliding pots, 'faders'

and somehow put somethng very large on top so i can use it with my foot, does that sound okay?
i guess? it wouldn't be the best. if i have any ideas come to me, ill definitly let you know
I got a couple faders...now I know what I can use 'em for. Dickin' around with this little thing...You could jam an A/B box into that as well, to give it a bit more of a practical use (I'm gonna try it)... Have a Volume/A-B box...hell, you could even put a killswitch in it too. Press it when you change guitars so the cable won't pop/crackle.
actually, i think im going to end up going with what i originally said, screw the sliders, that wont be good at all, unless i got some really weird object stuck to the slider unsecurily to move up and down with my foot, and that would look retarded.

i may end up going with the sewing machine pedal idea, but somehow put gears on it of course, either metal, or make two pieces of rubber and springs that fit together VERY snugly to move the pot, always keeping it at 50 % unless i move it or something.. this will undoubtadly be intersting. but that idea with my original jpg post would be okay? what K pot to use as well? and that's just a regular one push on/off, so i can keep that at the top just like a wah.

thank you all again, just these few last ideas!