I currently can pick at a speed of around 120bpm sixteenth notes which is fairly slow, and it seems impossible to play faster. Whenever I try and speed up my arm just tenses up; so shall I just play at a speed that I can manage and wait till the days pass, or is it necessary to try and play as fast as I can every now and then?
basically, whatever muscle it is, the harder you train it the stronger it'll become. if you want to have lightning picking in your alphabet then go for it, otherwise focus on other things and you'll get gradually better at trem picking anyway, by osmosis.
Just keep doing it. Make sure you stop before you really start hurting though.
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i turn my pick sideways as well, on like a 90 degree angle when tremelo picking to get less resistance from the strings.
might help a lil
i have some questions about tremolo picking. i wanna know if its easier with tighter strings? Because i can decently tp on my acoustic but on my electric the strings feel too loose and i cant do it well
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ok thanks for the advice; ive been reading everywhere that tension in arm is a bad sign and that the arm should be completely relaxed, so Im getting confised.

and majonior sry no idea