I've recently made the decision, partially due to some available funds finally, to upgrade to a tube amp. My problem is this though, I don't know whether to get the Vox AC15 or the AC30 (the custom classic reissues in both cases). The reason is this, I live in a pretty small apartment , and I keep hearing about how the AC30 is incredibly loud. I'm not in any bands right now so I would really only need enough volume to jam with some friends. Does anyone have any experience with these to compare the pros and cons?
AC15 will be good, even when you start to gig, they would most likely have a PA system.
yea, 15 could cope with drums, and a PA for when you play larger gigs
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Get the 30. I have heard the tone is much better...
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The AC30 is vastly superior, IMHO. More features, tube rectified, and better tone overall. Yeah, it's loud, but the AC15 is going to be loud in an apartment, too. If money's not an issue, go for the AC30. You'll be glad you did.
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