It seems there hasnt been a thread on Rocky in along time which just isnt right. So lets discuss which is the best Rocky film, whos the best rocky bad guy and all your favorite rocky moments.
I was rewatching rocky iii this morning and it seemed a bit disjoined at the start but mr T is just awesome. i'd say the first one is the best film followed by the rocky balboa movie. not for the fights but just for the brilliant protrayls of him. rocky didnt seem right in his big mansion, those two seem the most real with an average guy just struggling to get by. thoughts ?

Rocky 3 is the best, just for Clubber Lang.
Followed closely by 2, 1, 4 then 5.

Can't comment on the last one as I aint seen it yet.
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Well, it seems people like me a lot more than I thought... Cause my nickname at school is Rocky...
I dislike rocky. I cant understand him... And his punching bag is a great waste of meat. meat is too tasty to wastie! (oooh i rhymed)

Message from Rocky:

I thought the latest one was amazing.
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yea first rocky was best, the new one is allright-ish.
the new rambo however i thought kicked ass.
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Only seen the first one and it's awesome. I'm waiting for my little brother's friend to give him back the DVDs of the other ones so I can watch them.

Yeah I know, he's great, isn't he!
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