I need a giggable tube amp for about $500. Tone wise, I'm looking for blues, classic rock, punk, modern rock, alt rock, and metal(I have a Metal Muff to help with that part)

Right now I've been looking at the Crate v50 112, and the Peavey Valveking 50 112. They seem like the most versatile and best deals for the the money? Which of those is best for my needs. Also are there any other amps besides those 2 that fit the criteria?
Valvekings aren't much to talk about....

I've also been looking at the Crate V50.

I think there's one at my local shop...I might try and get over there this weekend.
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Check out the B-52 AT-212. There are quite a few threads on here I think. I got one a few weeks ago, and I'm in love. Also, check out the reviews on guitarcenter.com, harmonycentral.com, etc.....

It's a tri mode rectifier that can go from some creamy OD to some really sick gain settings with beefy lows, aggressive mids, and tight highs. It's also got a clean channel that just unreal for the price of the amp. This thing also really pushes some air.

But I got mine for $579 brand new....
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Id say look at a Peavey Classic amp, i think the 30 is in your range. Sounds great i think, does classic rock really well, and u should be able to push it for heavy stuff.
Peavy valvekings are good. I have a classic 30....sweet amp and a great price too, A pedal should handle the metal stuff, but for anything from blues, classic rock, etc. it's awesome
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Randall RG50tc

the valvekings ok too.

and just for the record,.... i hate crate amps.
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i have a valveking 112, but i havnt gigged with it yet but anyway
i love how it sounds, and it should be able to pull off all kinds of rock and blues very well.
personally,k i dont like how any of the distortion sounds by itself, but with no matter what distortion pedal you usse on the clean channel, it will sound great
ive tried it with my firesns boss ds-1 and my ml-2 metal core
so i highly recfconemd it, but if you want better distorion i reccomend a pedal also