thats amazing man, why jackson headstock though? you shoulda gone with ibanez !
my first build was just to see if i could actually build a guitar and string it up. And i chose a jackson head because i love the look. This guitar is all the guitar pieces that i love in one guitar. anyways i'm going to build another one in the next couple of weeks, any suggestions?
Looks nice. I like it, except for the Bigsby. Looks out of place on an Iceman with EMGs. I would try an Explorer next, maybe out of something similar to Korina. That looks pretty good with a bigsby imo.
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what the hell's a korina?

Its a kind of wood. That picture can be selected by clicking the control panel button and editing your "avatar". And I think that bigsby looks fine on the guitar, Bigsby always add a touch of class to an axe...
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Didn't Kerry King use MGs at some point?

I think he just endorses them because he likes sacks of money
thats rly nice
the bigsby looks beautiful and the wood grain compliments the emgs
nice work