Visual sound h20 unity gain problems with the chorus.
Barber tone pump my best friend who plays loved it so much I gave it to him but I replaced it with a burn unit.
Caesar Diaz fuzz Traded it toward a butler tube driver.
Ibanez flange/delay too digital.
Boss metal zone all I can say is yuck my apologies to any metal zone fans
Boss gt6 processor could never get the tone out of it that I put in into it.
Theres probally more but this is all that comes to mind right now.
haha, I love the Metal Zone

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Boss DS-2. Surprisingly low gain.
digitech rp80 too digital
boss ds-1 good basic distortion but too noisy and not much room for tweaking
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Krank Distortus Maximus. Piece of ****, thank god I returned it quickly after I bought it.
Original Dunlop wah - hated it, modded it, though it was ok and sold it which is now on ebay

Weeping Demon wah - not bad with distortion and I liked the auto on feature but it lacked sweep range on a clean channel which I could not stand...Sold it on this board soon after getting it.

Fish N Chips - got it, saw all the plastic and felt the input and outputs jacks were trash so I returned it to the store for a full refund even after opening it and trying it out. I will go with an MXR next time.

Danelectro FAB OD - thought it was crud from day one, noisy, cheaply made, bypass sux, cant easily read the knobs being the line is dark red against black...

Boss DS1 - thought it didn't give enough gain for my rig and so I did a few Keeley mods then sold it on ebay for a great price.

Boss RC2 loop station - Great pedal and I liked it but once I got my recording gear I no longer needed it so I sold it. Anyone looking for a looper for home use will like this pedal.

Currently I use a Yamaha Magicstomp and Digitech EX7 pedal and love them both.
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bad Dog Stereo Chorus. It works good on paper, but having two cables rolling around the stage in opposite directions from in front of your mic means your bassist WILL trip over it and you'll have to stop mid song to plug it in and get rid of theannoying buzz sound >_<
Boss DS-1 just stopped using it

Korg AX-3000G - Not a bad pedal.. But I never have the use for about 100 effects
i had a Barber Silver LTD with internal PCB mods that i traded off because i was only playing clean stuff at the time, i miss it

I've sold some others off too though:

Weeping Demon
Fish N Chips
Bad Monkey
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Damage Control Demonzier

Havnt gotten rid of it just idk I played through a metal muff a few weeks after and WOW same thing but alot cheaper LOL

So i dont use it anymore =\ well maybe as a OD pedal but not exactly the best thing for the job haha
im in the process of selling my Big Muff. It sounds like sh!t through my amp, so Im hopefully upgrading to a fuzz factory.
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the basic dunlop wah (somethin 95?).

i swapped it for a Boss DD2, its safe to say i won that trade

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Orig Crybaby- It just blows
MT-2- Traded it for DBZ BT2 for Wii. SO worth it
Boss SD-1- I got an OCD, no need for that thing
Boss CH-1- Got it for free, then lost it. I have a small clone anyway
DigiTech Grunge- I stopped using it, then lost it. Weird.
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I had a Boss MT-2. I mean, I can see why people would buy the pedal, it's got a crapload of gain on tap. Of course, the bad thing is that it's got a crapload of gain on tap. It's also kind of thin sounding and shiz like that.
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RP50 - POS, thats why.
Line 6 Ubermetal Pedal - Supreme waste of money, anything line 6 is pure junk.
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RP50 - POS, thats why.

Line 6 Ubermetal Pedal - Supreme waste of money, anything line 6 is pure junk.

I had one of those too! That one's gone.
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My culture is worthless and absolutely inferior to the almighty Leaf.

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I incurred the wrath of the Association of White Knights. Specifically the Parent's Basement branch of service.
some crappy digetech all in one pedal,

walked into GC lookin for a wah

dad looks and says this things got 95 effects for half the price!

i cant say no, even tho i no its crap, i dont wanna make him feel bad

year later i just dump it back there for 20 bucks and get a crap load of jazz III picks

The jazz III's > that craptastic pedal
Boss DS-1 -bought a big muff, figured i don't need two distortion pedals

now i miss the tones i got with the DS-1, so i'm re-buying it.
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Here's all the pedals i've been through...

Fab Metal- First metal pedal almost blew up amp the second i plugged it in (returned)
Digitech Grunge- Battery connector broke (returned)
Digitech Death metal- Stopped Working for no reason (returned)
Metalzone- Lost it when i moved and now i cant find it lol
Metal Muff- Sounded like a can of bee's and top boost wasn't worth it.(returned)
Ds1- Didnt like it, no lowend what so ever (returned)
Ds1- Purchased to mod, found one for 20 bucks new. Never got around to modding it (sold)
Line 6 Verbzilla - Decent reveb pedal liked it actually but never used it (Sold)
Hellbabe wah- Sucked didnt like it (Sold)
Danelectro Fish and Chips - Special ordered it didnt come in time frame promised (cancelled)
Zoom GFX1 - Decent little multi effects. Got bored with it wanted newer version (sold)
Digitech RP100 - Button stopped working (returned)
Zoom G2 - Excellent unit, sound was good and had alot of control. But still digitial (sold)
BBE Maximizer Rack - One half worked the other didnt scratchy pot (returned)
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Line 6 Ubermetal Pedal - Supreme waste of money, anything line 6 is pure junk.

Lies! My Echo Park is amazing!
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Lies! My Echo Park is amazing!

Well, I don't like Line 6, I think they're all worthless.
But hey, you have your opinion, i have mine,
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DOD FX69 Grunge - it was my first distortion pedal. Most ridiculously horrible pedal ever.

Digitech DF-7 - It broke 8(
Boss DS-1 - i let my friend borrow it and i havent seen it since. i would like to see how it would sound with my marshall though even though i have a feeling it woudl be crap

Boss BD-2 - it just didnt sound right for my sound after a while. eventually got replaced by the YJM OD
I had a MXR Phase 90, loved it to death, but I just gave it to a friend for her birthday.
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Digitech Bad Monkey

No further explanation needed.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

Digitech RP250 Multieffects Pedal: Being a metal guy distortion is important for me... this pedal's dist SUCKED... all the other effects were pretty good but anyways... (SOLD)
boss bd-2

so noisy

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Thanks for all the replys. Kind of gives you an idea of what not to try. But everyone has a different ear.