Im looking at a Fender Sonoran SCE. Looks pretty cool, has a regular Strat neck, a solid Spruce top, and is right aroud $300. Also look at some of Ibanez's acoustic-electrics, they have very nice, thin necks.
Try the Yamaha FX370C. It's around $280 or $290, I believe.

Also, Ibanez makes some good ones under $300.
Takamine's are VERY good. I would avoid Ibanez. Their build quality varies from guitar to guitar.
I wouldnt recommend getting an acoustic electric for under $300. The electronics are usually pretty poor in guitars of that price. If you must have an electric acoustic then id recommend saving up another $100 at least. If $300 is your budget id say stick with a regular acoustic. You can always install a pick up in it at a later date.
I own an Ibanez Acoustic/Electric..... I got it for 250.00, great guitar. Take a look at my profile, I have a pic of it.

The Ibanez has a really good, full sound, the neck is not very wide, so you can grip it and stretch those fingers out. I would suggest the "Cutaway" if you like to play the strings and not to many chords

I did however put on a heavy guage string, which do create a little fret buzz if you don't push down on the string hard enough, mainly on the low E, A & D strings.

Over all I have no comlpaints, great guitar.

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