we have a drummer and a bassist and a guitarist (me) we just need one more guitarist/ lead singer
so if you are one
please reply
What genre of music did you plan on playing, I play guitar and dabble in some vocals. But I mainly stick to metal, any interest in screaming?
yes, as long as ALL of the vocals arent screaming you know? would you be cool doing only some?
hey, I'm currently in a band that hasn't gigged or done much yet, EVERLONG, like the song from Foo Fighters, and there's two lead guitars, a rhythm, I'm drums, a bassist and the rhythm guitar player is the lead vocalist and i'm the screamer when needed. I started out on drums when i was 4 years old and my family is mainly musical. I started playing guitar, self taught, when I was 16 and I'm turning 19 this july and I play hardcore, punk, a whole lot of styles and i am also a lyricist and can come up with my own material. i'm in the columbus area...here's my email address....mumdontgetanything@yahoo.com if you're still looking for mates, thanks.