Hi, I am interested in buying an American Deluxe HSS Strat. I was just wondering if someone who has this strat can give me some feedback on it. I am concerened about the usefullness of the S-1 switch system, whether its worth it or not. Also, are the stock pups good or will they need replacing? I am into hard rock (motorhead, GnR, Van Halen) but want an axe that can play some more metal stuff. Also, I am wondering how well the LSR Roller Nut and the Locking tuning machines work as this is the more attractive part of the guitar to me and the main reason i want it as i have another strat that i like but cant play metal on. THanks!!!!
I have no info on your strat
Check the Reviews section if you haven't already.
Jackson and BC Rich have some good looking Axes, not to mention good quality ones too.
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