Alright so I've got an ltd alexi-600, and its got an EMG-HZ. Anyways the HZ isn't bad, but it just seems like it lacks balls. So im looking at a SD Mustaine Livewire an active JB sounds like it could be badass, Blackouts are another option, or any other passive humbucker that you would recommend. I'm not looking for an emg81 because i find the cleans lack way to much. I play mostly metal and getting into shred, stuff like dethklok, coheed, tool, megadeth, bodom and a lot of opeth lately (hence the want for decent cleans). Amp wise i have a Traynor ycv80, plus a metal muff. I know the amps not for this type of music but i play a lot of other crap and the cleans are sweet plus i got it at a ridiculously cheap. Any help is good i have no idea what to buy