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But the only jazz I've ever really played is in my school's jazz band class where I basically strum quarter note chords while the trumpet/sax players do lead.
Now the band I'm "joining" is actually just starting. My cousin (bassist)'s new girlfriend is a singer, and I haven't heard her but he says she's really good. He said she already does little gigs at coffee shops and malls, etc. My cousin also grabbed a drummer.
Now my favorite style of music is blues, but I concentrate more on blues rock such as Cream and SRV. I doubt that's what I'll be playing here.
Do you have any recommendations? Any jazz I can listen to that concentrates on singing but has a guitar oriented rhythym section? As of now, the only jazz albums I have are some charlie parker albums and miles davis albums... Since it'll be very raw (jazz with just a singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer), what should I do? Just strum nice chords to make her sound fuller, be more aggressive than that, or what? I don't want us all to meet up at someone's house and have me not knowing what the hell to do.

I'm just not as comfortable about this as I want to be. We are going to do shows and I want people to take us seriously as jazz musicians, despite the fact that we are only 16-17 years old.
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when your comping for her, change it up depending on the song. depending on the feel, you go for the quarter note approach, short punches in an improvisatory manner, arpeggios, whole notes, a latin rock style, etc. base it on the song not your ego, though (i know from embarrassing experience).

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