Hey guys, surprised there hasn't been a thread about this yet. How many of you USAers out there are old enough to vote this election and are going to either caucus or primaries for your state?

Apparantly Huckabee already took West Virginia:

I'm going to the Minnesota Democratic caucus in just a couple minutes(its right on campus!!!) to vote Obama.

Anybody else representing the UG vote today?
There's a political thread about this.
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I've been for Obama lately, but I live in Wisconsin. Our primary's not until the 19th, 6 days before my 18th birthday. GAHHHH!!!!

so, while i'm interested, I don't really get a say before election day anyway.
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Hmm. I didnt realize it was time to vote. Oh well, doesn't matter because I cant for another two years so I can vote the next election. Hmmm, maybe thats where my mom went.
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