My guitar has quite a few scratches on it and the wood shows through. I'm thinking of just stripping the whole guitar. Are there any problems with this?
what kind of guitar..........? solidbody: not too problematic, watch out for liquid. hollow/semihollow: you need protective lacquer
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Solid-body. An American Strat to be specific. What would a protective lacquer do for both looks and protection? And is it easily applied?
i have a similar question, so this saves me from making a thread

i have a vintage guitar that's finish is chipping off slowly, i want to keep it together, because its fairly rare, but the exposed wood can't be good for it

any suggestions?
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dude, it's fine. The Beatles stripped their casinos down for the White Album. They claimed it breathed more. There may be some truth to this, IDK. BUt yeah, if it's hollow, put some protective lacquer, otherwise it'll be fine.

retardwitguitar, I would just repaint/refinish it.
If its a vintage guitar dont re-paint it. They look better beaten up and they have more value w. their orig. paint,,,if you want a new looking one sell your vintage and buy a new one.
It's an electric, I woudln't worry too much about it. Make sure that it is in a controlled environment for the majority of the time. But it's nothing that serious to worry about.