I'm learning to play electric now...I've been playing acoustic for 2 years (even though I'm not great at it...oh well, acoustic sucks anyway) but there's nothing like riding the lightning.

I'm very disciplined when it comes to practice...I try to play everyday at least for 2 hours so that I can get faster and more accurate with my fingers.

The problem is, when it comes time to play songs, I'm all over the place. I play the Arctic Monkeys, then Green Day, then The Killers, then David Bowie, then U2...

But I know some of these artists' songs are easier to learn than others. I play Green Day and it's not so difficult, besides the speed on which they play...but then I try to play some vintage Bowie (f***** Mick Ronson) and I mess up. So which of these artists would you scale, from easier to hardest:

Arctic Monkeys
The Cure
David Bowie (old stuff)
Green Day
The Killers
Red Hot Chili Peppers (with Frusciante)
The Smiths
they would all be super ez...but if your just learning no big deal
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pick an artist go through the songs, pick a catchy/easy riff in the song and play it..
but if youve been playing acoustic for two years and cant play that stuff yet then i dont know if theres any hope lol
you gotta work at guitar to get better man.. tie the not and stick to it n00b
yeah i know that acoustic doesnt rock as much as electric, but with all honesty, if you learn on acoustic, and keep at it it will make u a MUCH BETTER player and you'll be able to show up all your friends, keep at it, try taking some lessons, start slow, then work your way up, if u gotta, just practice notes over and over, then when you got it move on, tehn put em together and boom, youve gotta song!!
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I agree that if you start off on Acoustic you will make a better electric player because the neck of the electric guitar isn't as big as the acoustic so you will be well used to stretching your fingers and wrist

Hope that doesn't sound too confusing!
try the Guitar & Bass Basics forum for easy songs. i suggest learning songs you enjoy - just pick something that sounds manageable.
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