Hey guys i just changed my strings for the first time on my PRS custom 22 since i baught. which was about 8-9 months ago... along time to go on strings i know but it was just one of those things on my to do list that never got done... Alls i got to say is im amazed how much better my guitar sounds... its like i just baught it !! I know its common knowledge to change ur guitar strings and that new strings ='s better sound and more sustain. but this is just a message to all u guys who are thinking maybe its time to get some new strings... ORDER THEM ONLINE NOW OR GO TO THE GUITAR STORE 2MARROW !!!!
I've never seen the point really. I like the feeling of rust on my skin.
lmao same here. mine is about 1 year n a half? LOL. crazy huh? but i fiannly bought new strigns! now when to change it....