Finally got around to writing the last part to my winter series. It's much heavier then any the previous ones. It's also not close to being finished, I just want to know how I'm doing so far. It's the one called "Winter Pt. 3 [February]" on my profile page.

As always, crit for crit, but I cannot critique your song if you need to direct me to Myspace or if I have to download the song
The Pit. The Movie.
It's really out of time at the start so that kind of put me off. I liked the high squealing guitar, and it sounds much better when the acoustic comes in due to the lack of weird beat thing. That ascending riff leading out was cool and the slow tapping guitar after it was great. Had a real odd sound about it that I liked.

Overall it had an interesting structure that was cool and my only suggestion is to work with the click more often if you intend to play to a steady beat.

Feel like critting mine?