Alright, I'm taking electronics classes at my local college. I've had DC already, and am now taking AC Circuits. My major is computer network maintenance technician.

Here are my questions:

Are SS (solid state) amps easy to repair? They're just PC boards, how easy or hard are they to work on?

Would I be able to fix one with my computer knowledge? I mean the principles would still be the same, just different application, right?

Same questions for tubes ^, and pedals.
Question 1... It depends on the complexity of the circuit, the components used, the quality of the components and circuit board, your understanding of the circuit... etc. Short answer, it can be anything from very simple and intuitive, to complex and mind boggling.

Question 2... Maybe. I know that's ambiguous, but it's hard to say. Understanding programming requires logic, as does understanding circuits. I would say that since you are a maintenance tech, and if you understand the workings of electricity and components, you would do just fine.