ok so i finally found a bass player and drummer

and i need work in the guitar department with hardcore/metalcore style

if i sit around and play classic rock i can Jam

but this seems more complex

a lot of what i play seems to sound boring to me and too simple

im gonna search around for awhile on the forums so if any1 can give me some pointers

it would help
pedal tones and open chugging?

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depends on hardcore u wanna go.. id say if yr new to it start with the E minor key, use lots of palm mutes off on to get dun dun du type rythems, like you see all through out metal. Lots of distortion is pretty much nessecary
yeah i got the distortion part down and a little of basics

becuz i listen to alot of AILD, KSE etc
Listen to a harder metalcore band like Between the Buried and Me. The guitar work is anything but boring. You guys should head in that direction instead of being a generic metalcore band. This is only my opinion though.
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pedal tones and open chugging?

Wrong. Maybe some bands do that a lot, but there is far more to metal / metalcore than chugging.

TS I'd say...

Learn your major scales and all of the modes VERY well (even if you don't do lead, it will help with riffs)

Learn harmonic minor and it's modes

Get your right hand in shape, a lot of galloping rhythms and palm mutes, alternate picking, sweeping, tapping etc.

I can't stress enough, get your right hand in beastly shape. Practice trem picking too

Start learning how to play out of your standard 4/4 (not all music needs this, but it isn't a bad skill to have)

Those are just a few things you should work on, but they're all pretty important.
Bangoodcharlote is right on the money. Otherwise, depending on the tuning you think works best for you, I myself wrote a lot of hardcore style songs in D minor, which is good for drop D tuning, or in drop D flat tuning using basically C sharp minor which is in the same position.

Of course unless you want to stay unrecognized you'll need to branch out and add your own thing to it, but you wouldn't believe how many hardcore songs are in a drop tuning and use basically the fifth position fifth string minor scale of whatever tuning they are in. So it's a real good place to start.

As far as technique, nail things like finger tapping and pinch harmonics, as well as Iron Maiden style pick hand rhythm technique.