I need help coming up with stuf to make.
theres this auction thing where people will buy just about anything.
im thinking i could make some good money making things and selling them.
so this auction thing. they maily sell horses cattle sheep etc.. but before that people bid on some werid ass **** that have to do with the cowboyscene right. they saddles and all kinds of horse related stuf.
so what do you think i can make and sell at that.
my dads real good in contruction and we have alot of tools. ( dont think ima little spoiled boy that doesnt know how to work a welding machine, chainsaw, jackhammer, saw and a bunch of other ****, im like mr handy man ok.)

any ideas will be apreciated
ask questions if you want

thankssss =))
paint a bunch of adopted dogs crazy colors and people will buy them just to get them away from the horrible owners that treated them so poorly.
Agro Crag ftw
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a welding machine...a chainsaw...and a jackhammer...

make a gundam! ill start the bidding at $12.99
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Build and paint bird houses

or since they're buying farm animals build troughs for them to eat and drink out of
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