4 days ago it was well below freezing and the schools here were out because it was snowing/sleeting and the roads were iced over...earlier today it was pleasant, though overcast..somewhere in the 60 degree(F) range....now I'm glued to the weather channel because there is a wall of Tornadoes moving across the state with a few deaths and a whole town full of buildings(Gasville, AR is off the map) already under its belt.

So yeah...there's a giant wall of tornadoes coming at me....

Anyone else from Arkansas here? What's it like there?

edit: my power is flickering...so if I don't reply either my power is gone or I'm hunkering in a bathtub/dead...
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Yeah, I've been to Arkansas. My Aunt was yelling at me for not wearing a winter coat!

It was 45 degrees, T shirt weather.

Anyways, pretty crazy weather everywhere. We just had a tornado up here in Illinois. Tore right through Poplar Grove, and went up to Wisconsin. It's snowing like crazy too, hopefully no school tommorow.
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Right here it's supposed to be -22 degrees celcius but we're averaging like 0.
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I live in Nebraska, the weather is quite similar. Anyways don't lock yourself up in the bathroom you wont see the tornado coming. If it is heading towards you, reposition yourself in a fashion that is no longer doing so :-)
I live in Nebraska too. (to the person above me.) When we're in a tornado warning, you can look out over my block, and half the people are out of their houses watching the storm. It's quite funny. Tomorrow we might not have school because of snow, then next week it's supposed to get up to the 40's. Crazy, don't die.
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I'm not hunkered in a bathroom...yet...

Yeah this is a pretty massive storm, the whole southeast/east-central area is getting what the AR/TN/MS area normally gets
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