Hey which way to practice would be better?
1.) I have a few different courses (Rock Discipline, Speed Kills, Intense Rock) and would practice one each day and alternate each day while of course still practicing smaller stuff every day.


2.)I assign a specific technique for each day, like for example alternate picking on Monday, String skipping on Tuesday, etc. and practice exercises from a whole bunch of different courses pertaining to that technique.

Im guessing the first one's better, since you could over practice a technique and get worse after a few hours on just one technique. But please say what u guys think.
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I say focus on any given technique for only a fraction of how long you practice in a day. So yeah, go the first route.
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If I were you, and this is pretty much what I do anyway, is lift new techniques from videos and magazines and anywhere else and practice them until either you get tired of them or you master them, and then either move on to another technique or just play something else, like a song. You'll get really really bored if you adhere yourself to exercises like this instead of just learning things in a varied manner and changing up your routine almost constantly.
i practice each technique around 30mins to an hour or so everyday. sometimes i just play random stuff for 5 hours.
I would say learn one thing at a time, and then sleep on it. I read a study on a musician's brain, and sleep is a very important factor in learning techniques. When we practice correctly, we mark neuron paths in our brain as to the correct fingers to move and when. When we sleep, our brain fortifies these paths and they become "muscle memory."